This journey isn’t about being perfect. Perfect (for you) moves with your priorities and your goals. And it will change and evolve as you do – it’s more of a moving target than a static thing to be reached and claimed. And as you travel towards this ever moving target please remember to bring grace. Grace for yourself and for your humanity.
Consider that progress IS perfection. And that progress takes practice. Honour your health as an ongoing practice. Stay in the moment & and connected to your path by being present to your purpose.
And know that some days, are just some days.
Some days your food will be more about what your soul needs than the nutrition your body craves. That’s ok.
Some days your fitness will be about clearing the mind and others about reaching your next performance goal. That’s ok too.
Nourish your body, mind & soul in ways that work for you.
Rock your health and fitness your way

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