I struggled with my body image for the majority of my life. As a trainer and fitness coach I also know all about the struggle. And the assumption is often “she’s thin, she doesn’t struggle” OR “every plus size woman wants to lose weight.” But that really isn’t the case. Your relationship with your body has relatively little to do with your physical characteristics. I have known plus sized women who embrace their body and ROCK their health & fitness and size ‘0’ women who don’t do either.

Loving your body is an inside job. It starts with a commitment to love yourself – unconditionally. Not “when you lose 10 lbs” or can “fit your skinny jeans.” But RIGHT NOW. As you are. No changes required.

Is it easy to get there? Nope. But I think it starts with an appreciation that every woman struggles – and that while we’re all superbly unique, we are also all humbly the same. And with a little bit of vulnerability we can share our stories and see our common threads. And we can know we’re not alone.

So don’t judge that plus size woman and assume she wants to lose weight. Don’t assume that size ‘0’ woman loves her body and doesn’t struggle. We all have our unique journey to travel and rarely will it aesthetically meet the “standard” set by the beauty or fitness industry.

True body positivity comes from respecting our differences and embracing our similarities. And recognizing that we will each be our very own kind of body beautiful.

#bebodypositive #besuperyou