As I re-listened to Brené Brown‘s The Gifts of Imperfection the section about HOPE really struck me. She talked about Snyder’s Hope Theory. FASCINATING. He makes the distinction that hope isn’t an emotion, but a thought process. Hopeful people have the following characteristics:
  1. They set realistic GOALS.
  2. They identify multiple PATHWAYS to achieve said goals.
  3. They have AGENCY. They believe in their capability to achieve their goals. They persevere and can tolerate disappointment (aka failure) with a willingness to try again.
Prior to reading this I always thought of being “hopeful” as lacking action or grit. A little to “airy fairy” – too much vision, not enough vigour. But being truly hopeful according to Snyder’s definition is all about tenacity, perseverance and grit and I kinda LOVE it.
As you look to 2018 I invite you to be HOPEFUL. Create GOALS that inspire you. Identify multiple pathways to get there. And most importantly BELIEVE in your capability to achieve whatever you set your mind to.

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