If I see one more headline about being ‘bathing suit ready’ I might vomit. Warning: I’m about to jump up on my soapbox for a hot minute, but bear with me because I have some tangible advice to offer too. And a REALLY exciting Challenge to help you tackle this once and for all!
But first, I need you all to hear this:
How you look in a bathing suit is not a reflection of your health, fitness, happiness nor your worth as a human.
As a culture we have woven our aesthetic appeal into our worth so thoroughly that it’s often hard to unravel. We’ve determined that there is one fairly singular physique that is ‘ideal’ – and if we don’t have it, somehow we’re failing to be healthy and fit. But we’re not. Being healthy and fit isn’t about a look – it’s about how your body feels and performs.
What do you want to do in your body in a bathing suit this summer?
Do you want to play at the beach with your kids? Maybe you want to try kayaking or stand up paddle boarding. Or maybe this is the summer you get back to waterskiing. Cool! How you look doing any of those things is irrelevant. How you feel – is everything.
  • I want you to feel strong and capable.
  • I want you to feel confident and carefree.
  • I want you to embrace the skin your in not for how it looks, but for all it enables you to do.
So how do you get there?

Here are my top tips for embracing and celebrating your body this summer:

  • Ditch the aesthetic goals and embrace functional ones. I don’t want to hear about how you want to look. I want to hear about how you want to feel. Make a list of 5 things you want to DO this summer in your body. And schedule time to DO THEM.
  • Master your social feeds. Control what you’re exposed to. If you constantly see messages that tell you you need to lose 10lbs to get ‘bikini ready’ or images that lack in body diversity, reclaim your power. Unlike and unfollow. Instead follow people and businesses that inspire you and demonstrate the values you wish to live by.
  • Embrace self-compassion. If you’re like most people you’ve been a little rough on your body for a while now. Change takes time. Mindfully notice when you fall into the old thought traps and reframe. Speak to yourself as you would a loved one.
  • Surround yourself with people who lift you up! Find people who inspire you – and spend time with them (virtually or in person)! Let their awesome attitude rub off on you!
  • Be the change. When you notice friends or loved ones falling in the bathing suit trap – help them reframe and connect to the power and strength of their body. This can feel really hard, but doing it is one of the most empowering steps you can take. Change the conversation and be the change.
Will you be 100% comfortable in your bathing suit if you follow these tips? Maybe, maybe not. But just like anything, if you practice, you’ll be closer. Because practice makes progress. And progress is perfection.
Want some of that practice?! I have a challenge for you!

The Challenge is centred around feeling great in your bathing suit this summer…which has NOTHING to do with how you LOOK and EVERYTHING to do with how you feel. Because confidence rocks.

Here’s the the challenge: This summer I want you to DO fun things in your bathing suit. Things that will bring you JOY. Start with  that list of 5 things you created above! They don’t have to be fancy or cost any money. Maybe you’re going to play at the beach with your kids or go to your local lake or swimming hole and swim. Maybe you’re going to try wake-boarding or take a spin on your friends jet ski…or take a ride on your kids slip and slide. I don’t care WHAT it is – I want you to schedule a time to DO these things and document your awesomeness.

Here’s the FUN part! I’ve got PRIZES!

From now until the END of summer snap a pic of you in ACTION doing fun things in your suit and then share it on social (Facebook or Insta) with the #besuperyoubathingsuitchallenge and you’ll be entered in a DRAW for a fabulous SuperYou Prize Package!

Prizes are RAD, but you know what’s even better?
  • You will finally stop sitting on the sidelines and missing out on life.
  • You will feel empowered and free to experience the JOY of summer.
  • You will inspire women all around you to do the same.

Let’s fill the feeds with pictures of incredible women letting go of crappy social norms that tell us we need to have a certain type of body to be comfortable in a bathing suit. Let’s show the world what HAPPY, inspired, confident women look like DOING awesome things and having a BLAST this summer!

Contest runs from Thursday July 5 – Wednesday August 29.

DRAW will be made LIVE on Friday August 31st at 7pm!

Note: I can only search for the hashtag on public posts! Make sure your post is public to be eligible for the prize! Feeling more private? Do it anyway – reap the RAD benefits I listed above. And #besuperyou