I love beets! This is another variation on a salad I made last summer made fresh with some added punch with mint.

2C Cooked Quinoa

4 cooked beets, chopped finely (I use “Love Beets” available at most grocery stores in the cold produce)

1C english cucumber (about 1/2), chopped finely

1C celery (4-5 stalks), minced

1C chopped fresh kale

2-3T each choppped mint & parsely

2T red wine vinegar

2T apple cidar vinegar

3T avocado OR olive oil

1/2t sea salt

Goat Cheese – for garnish (optional but superyum)

Mix all the ingredients and stir well. This is one of those salads that is even better the next day. It’s gorgeous in color & the flavours develop. So it’s a great make-ahead for a party or BBQ!

Makes 4 large servings (great served in a bowl topped with a protein for a complete meal in bowl)!