One of the foundations of my philosophy around health and fitness is this:

It’s next to IMPOSSIBLE to create sustainable health and fitness habits if the desire to change comes from a place of body hatred or worse, disgust.
But we live in a society that perpetuates the notion that our bodies are a problem, that we’d better fix – fast!
The challenge with coming from hatred or disgust is that while it might be motivating short term, at the end of the day the association we’re making is that our body is a “project.” And the diets, fitness plans and programs we need to follow to fix them – become chores – often ones we don’t look forward to.
When’s the last time you got REALLY excited about taking the trash out? Or cleaning the house? 
Yeah, I get it.
Even if you’re happy once it’s done, you still don’t ever really want to do it. #truth
But here’s the thing – your body is not a problem and your health habits aren’t chores.
Your body is a gift – a true blessing. It enables you to do so much!
Because of your body, you can:
  • Hug your kids and loved ones.
  • Travel and see amazing things!
  • Move from one space to another.
  • Try new activities!
  • Fight disease or heal from injury.
I believe true and lasting changes starts with finding an appreciation or gratitude for your body – just as it is, right now.
Do you want to shift your relationship with your health habits? Start here. 
Begin by noticing your attitude towards your health habits. Are you viewing them with dread or disdain?
Can you switch the script? Can you reframe and find the JOY in what you’re doing? Can you take a moment and find something about your body that your grateful for?
  • Strong legs that allow you to walk or run.
  • Sweat glands that allow you to cool yourself in the heat!
  • Eyes that allow you to connect with others.
  • An expressive face that allows you to communicate
  • Healthy heart that can respond to your demands

Want to amp up your Body Gratitude? Try this exercise…

Write a letter of gratitude to your body.

I can feel your eyes rolling through the inter-webs. But trust me. This is a powerful exercise. And one you can do again and again. Heck, what if you devoted a whole journal to just beautiful letters to your body? Hello POWERFUL.

It doesn’t’ have to be complicated. The idea is to look for the things you LOVE and appreciate about your body – and express them.

Writing is a powerful catalyst for change.

Try it.

Let me know how it goes.

You are amazing. Your BODY is amazing. Take a moment and just bask in the awe. Truly.
#bodygratitude #besuperyou