I feel the need to clear something up. I’ve been talking a lot about something called “body positivity” lately. It’s something I’ve always been deeply passionate about and has always been a core value in my business, but lately it’s been taking more of a front seat. Why? Because I’m tired of amazing people measuring their worth as humans on their aesthetic. I want people to connect to how they FEEL when they’re living a healthy lifestyle. I want them to enjoy it. I want them to sweat & eat healthy because they love & respect their body – not because they hate how their _____ (fill in the blank body part) looks. I want them to appreciate their body for the gift that it is, and love every inch of it.
But I know this leaves people asking, but Gill, what about my fitness goals?! Can I be body positive & still have goals? To which I answer…
Have some fitness goals? Want to smash them? #awesome #loveit
My passion for body positivity doesn’t mean I don’t believe in fitness goals. I love setting & smashing goals – and encourage my clients to do the same! A body positive approach means that the pursuit of goals has less to do with what my body looks like and everything to do with how it performs.
Being body positive doesn’t mean I think we should all abandon our fitness plans & throw our running shoes out the window because we “love our body as it is.” What I’m suggesting is we re-frame what “loving our body as it is” means to each of us – as unique individuals.
If you HATE your fitness program – yeah, you should give it up! But I encourage you to find another way to move your body. Because your body was designed to move.
If you feel guilt or shame around your fitness habits, I also think that needs to go out the window! Because YOUR fitness plan should make you feel extraordinary. There is no one “right way” to be fit. Fit is about YOU, your goals & your body. No one else.
So set some goals. Smash them. I’d even be delighted to help you do it! But I won’t allow you to feel crappy, guilty, shitty or anything else BAD about yourself as a human because you’re not “measuring up” to a yardstick of “fitness” that needs to be tossed in the trash. #truthbomb
And if you work towards a goal and don’t quite get there? That doesn’t mean anything either. It means you stepped outside your comfort zone. You were bold, brave & vulnerable. It means you ROCK (at least it does to me).
You are amazing. Just the way you are. And slaying your goals is about YOU living your best & brightest life. It’s about you choosing to #besuperyou