Do you have an uninspiring habit you want to say “see ya” to? Try one of these techniques to “break up”
  • Habit Crowding: crowd out the undesirable habit. For example: crowd out unhealthy food choices by focusing on the habits you WANT such as drinking a healthy amount of water OR eating enough fruits & veggies! When your body is getting the nourishment it needs, you won’t be as inclined to reach for the less healthy stuff!
  • Habit Layering: break the habit into more manageable pieces and add it in one layer at a time. For example: You want to work on your desk posture by incorporating desk stretches. Start by setting your timer to complete 1 posture exercise 1x per day for a week. Once you’ve established that, then layer on 2x per day. Continue until you achieve your goal of 1/ hour for the duration of your work day!
  • Habit Pairing: pair a new habit with an old & established habit. For example if you want to do something DAILY connect it with something else you do daily. The OLD habit acts as a trigger for the new one, until it’s established! For example: repeat a mantra or a stretch every time you brush your teeth.
Happy habit shifting!
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