When’s the last time you thanked your body?

Don’t feel bad if it’s been a while. You’re not alone!

We live in a culture that colours our perspective to focus on what is wrong with our body.
Tone this, shape this, fix this, tighten this, colour this, refine this, plump this…I could go on, but you get it.

But here’s the thing. Your body. It does a lot of GOOD stuff.

Cool stuff your body does:

  • it transforms your food into fuel the cells can use!
  • and takes the air you breathe and transfers the molecules of oxygen your cells!
  • it processes toxins and waste products.
  • it heals from injury and fights infection.
  • it does all of this without you even knowing.
  • it can move – in so many awesome ways!
  • it can feel and provide you with sensory feedback!
  • it can help you communicate with others.

It does so many things! And most importantly it’s the house of you – mind and spirit! And it’s the only one you’ve got.

Sometimes we just need to remember just how awesome our bodies are and re-connect to that feeling of appreciation.

One of the strategies I use for this is 3 breaths of gratitude at the completion of every workout.

Here’s how you do it:

  • Breath one is for what my body just did.
  • Breath two is for everything my body did all day.
  • Breath three is for everything my body does for me every single day.

Simple. Powerful.

Try this strategy next time you move your awesome body and let me know how it goes!
I use this exercise at the close of every Livestream class and it always leaves me feeling like I can take on the day.

Does this exercise and reflection cause you pause?

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