You can’t possibly be motivated, inspired and “on” all the time. It’s not possible. As humans we are innately looking for the easiest way to do things at all times. To minimize our energy output and still accomplish the greatest reward. I’m not saying your lazy…ok, I am, but we ALL are!
Which is why it’s so important to take the THINKING and WORK out of the equation. By building rock solid ROUTINES.
I’m not talking about a fitness program with fancy moves circa 1992 (unless you want to). I’m talking about strategically building your health habits so you can get out there and use your energy for more important things. To really feel food and fitness FREEDOM so you’re not wasting your precious mental and energetic real estate on figuring out how to “stay motivated.”

Here are three of my TOP tips around building routines.

  1. Look for your Catalyst Habits: what is ONE thing you could focus on shifting that would subsequently shift a whole other series of habits in your life? For example, you want to get up early to get in your morning sweat sesh, but the snooze button is oh so appealing. Peel this back and the core issue is you’re not getting to bed on time. Peel that back and you’re getting sucked into a Netflix binge every night. The catalyst here is making sure you only watch ONE show on Netflix, then turn it off and hit the sac before it’s too late! Solution: set an alarm in ANOTHER ROOM from Netflix and turn the TV off when the alarm goes. Go to bed. #boom 
  2. Build a Habit Pair: take a habit you already have and PAIR your new habit to it. For example if you want to build a routine around meditation. Tie your meditation practice to something you already do. Say brushing your teeth, or making dinner. Every time you do those habits, use them as a CUE to trigger the NEW routine of meditation. Brush teeth—> sit at meditate for 1 minute. Making dinner —> complete 4 rounds of box breathing while it cooks. #boom
  3. Layer your Habits: resist the urge to change 100 things at one time. Start with ONE habit and ONE routine. Develop it. ROCK it. Feel success. Then (and only then) layer on another. For example, you want to start a running program and also cook dinner at home more nights of the week. Awesome. Start with ONE. Maybe find a run clinic to join OR start with cooking at home 1 more night than you usually do the first week. Be successful. Then, layer the next habit. #boom
Health isn’t all or nothing.
Be strategic about building routines and you will create a healthy lifestyle you love!