Need a shake up on Tacos? Here’s a fun one!

Brown Rice (cooked to instructions)
Ground Turkey
1T chili powder
Sprinkle of Sea salt
Red & Yellow Peppers, diced
1C frozen corn
1C chopped Grape Tomatoes
Plain Greek Yogurt (or replace with tahini dressing for dairy free)
Fresh Salsa
2 Green onions, chopped
5 kalmata olives chopped, per serving (garnish)

In a large non stick pan sautée the ground turkey and season with chili powder & sea salt. Once it’s browned add chopped peppers & cook until tender crisp, add in frozen corn & grape tomatoes and cook until corn is thawed.

Layer as follows: start with a bed of 1C of spinach, top with 1/2C brown rice, and 1.5C of the ground turkey mixture. Garnish with 2T greek yogurt (or tahini dressing if you’re dairy free), salsa, green onions & olives.