This was a “we forgot to pull pork chops out of the freezer…we need to leave for xyz in 30 minutes, what are we going to eat” situation. Enter the secret ingredient:
Salmon Burger patties. Yup. Love these burger patties (I get them at Costco). They’re tasty and the ingredients list is short.
I layered them on top of this quick and easy slaw:
-Kale slaw mix (Superstore)
-chopped tomato
-chopped banana pepper rings
-chopped red pepper
-1-2T mayo (I love the avocado mayo from Costco)
-1-2T apple cider vinegar
-1t cumin
Layered on warmed corn tortillas and serve!
This was start to finish 15 minutes – essentially all using things I generally have in my fridge/ freezer. Hello, WINNING!