The words you speak matter. Whether you say them aloud or not. Yup. Because YOU’RE listening. All. The. Time.
I want to talk about choosing your words mindfully – and with intention. And just how POWERFUL it can be!
At the beginning of each Dynamic FIIT + Flow class we choose a word. A word to call upon when we need that extra little PUSH during class. We each choose a word that reflects what we need to hear and then as a group speak them aloud in unison. It’s POWERFUL.
After class the other day I was speaking to a new participant asking her how the class was for her. She was beaming. She went on to share with me just why…
“My word was JOY – and throughout the class I was just reminded of how much joy movement brings me. When we did the plyo work I was reminded of being an athlete growing up, and then I also thought about the times I’ve helped with my daughter’s teams doing warm ups. It made me smile.”
All. The. YES!!!!
Mantra’s are words or phrases you use to promote positive feelings and thoughts. They are an incredible tool. Because they shift our thinking and our focus onto positive thoughts and feelings. They add clarity and intention.
What I’ve found is that using a word of focus in my workouts it gives me an edge. By choosing it each time, it allows me to maintain my focus on what I need to hear.
Next time you workout, try choosing a word. It might be strength, energy, kind, present, vitality, badass, committed, persistent, unstoppable, or maybe JOY! Just choose a word that resonates for you in the moment and connect to it. Repeat it in your mind with every rep. Notice the shift in your outcomes.
Choose your words. Set your intention. #besuperyou