I want to just acknowledge that in BC (and across the country) it’s becoming abundantly clear that this holiday season won’t be the same. And that’s tough. Really tough.

And while the optimist in me wants to say, hey, but look at all the things we CAN do, first I want to acknowledge that this is disappointing, sad, frustrating…#allthefeelsGive yourself permission to be #allthefeels. You’re allowed.

And, Let’s get to work creating a different kind of holiday spirit this year.

Over in my StudioCrew one of the brilliant members started a thread yesterday asking members how they were going to make this holiday season special. The list they came up with was SO good!

It got my wheels turning and helped me find that spark of JOY about the upcoming holidays.
So I’m sharing my giant list with you – I hope it can inspire you to look to the light and find your joy this holiday season!

29 ways to make the most of this holiday season:

  • Sunrise breakfast picnic (pick up take-out and support a local business)
  • Puzzles!
  • Hiking (locally) – explore a trail you don’t know (safely).
  • Sleep in (snuggle in, get the whole family in bed and watch a movies together)
  • Reading – check out my Top 10 below OR Chapters Top 10 for inspiration!
  • Family Games Night, or heck Games Day! Complete with prizes and yummy snacks!
  • Zoom dates with family, friends – do an activity together (craft, decorate gingerbreads, Christmas Carol sing along!)
  • Binge watch Queen’s Gambit and then learn to play chess!
  • Make your fave Christmas cookies! Here’s my fave Chewy Ginger. Mmm.
  • Go Sledding/Snowshoeing at your local mountain.
  • Stay in your jammies and have a movie marathon day!
  • Watch 1 holiday movie per day for the 12-days leading up to Christmas!
  • Craft or get back to a hobby you’ve been missing!
  • Go for a Christmas light tour by foot, bike or car!
  • Go for a polar bear dip! Learn more about cold water dips here.
  • Send a letter to a Canadian member of the military deployed over seas
  • Send old school holiday cards by snail mail!
  • Have a spa at home day!
  • Have an alternative Christmas dinner (our big plan is turkey inspired nachos or possibly an “appie meal” with multiple courses).
  • Go to the beach and watch the waves with hot chocolate or your favourite holiday beverage in hand!
  • Head into nature and decorate a tree!
  • Head into nature and remove said decorations after the holidays!
  • Bundle up and go for a family bike ride (west coasters, clearly).
  • Learn how to knit or cross-stitch
  • Call one relative or friend a day for the entire break. Reach out specifically to those who are alone!
  • Write a letter of gratitude to a friend or mentor. Read it to them by zoom.
  • Perform a Random Act of Kindness (RAK)
  • Have a dance party in your living room (invite friends by Zoom!)
  • Sunset dinner picnic (pick up take-out and support a local business)

Ok. That’s a start. I’d love to hear your ideas. Let’s work together to get through this holiday as best we can. I know it’s not easy, but perhaps we can find fun ways to savour the slowness of this holiday as a gift in it’s own right. Even if it doesn’t feel like a gift right now…

Onward (safely).