I saw a meme along these lines and literally laughed out loud. It’s so true! I mean sure, there are moments during any run/ workout/ sweat sesh where you’re legit loving it…but there are also some seriously MEH moments where you question your sanity and want to quit. #realtalk
And I think that’s part of the problem with the pursuit of fitness.
There’s this notion amongst those who don’t exercise regularly that those who do…LOVE every minute of it. But they couldn’t be more WRONG.
WAIT a HOT MINUTE…are you saying that exercise isn’t all sunshine and roses, unicorns flying and angels singing?
Yup. Yup I am.
Should you have aspects of JOY and pleasure within however you exercise – HELLLLSSS to the yeah! Helping people find their JOY in fitness is one of my passions!
But the reality is this…
At some point during nearly every single exercise session you’re very likely going to want to stop because it’s hard, or you’re uncomfortable or you’d rather be doing just about anything else….but you keep going because you know that on the other side of that work…is the JOY of endorphins, satisfaction of accomplishment and the pride of knowing you did your best (at least for that day).
And that my friends…is worth showing up, lacing up and getting it done (even when your mind says – OMGEEEE can we please stop!?).
So if you’re just getting started know this: embrace the suck. Embrace the work. Do what you can to make it enjoyable (go with a friend, find a class or group you love, play great music or a podcast…) and then settle in knowing that at some point you’ll wish you weren’t doing it, but that’s ok too.
In those moments when it feels a little bleak try these fitnesshacks:
  • settle in with a great mantra (I love “I’m comfortable with uncomfortable”)
  • focus on what you ARE enjoying (great company, music, scenery…)
  • remember that this too shall pass. It may seem trite, but it’s true.
And on the really tough days, know this:
THOSE are the days you really affect change. Because you showed yourself just how tough you really are. You flexed your resilience and found your most important strength – your mental strength. And that friends, it’s transformative.
#embracethework #besuperyou