I’ve been talking a lot about “fitness personality” lately. About understanding what makes you tick – what brings you joy! Because somewhere along the line we’ve gotten a bit confused about health and fitness. We decided that in order to be “effective” it hast to be detailed, organized and coordinated. It needs to be structured and organized. You “should” really be following a specific program.

What if that idea is TOTALLY WRONG?!

Before you get your knickers in a knot, I’m not kyboshing structured, detailed periodized programs. In fact I write them for many of my clients. There is a time and a place for a structured, periodized and planned program. Especially if you have larger athletic goals.
BUT if your goal is to be healthy and fit (for life), the plan doesn’t need to be quite so…rigid. In fact, for many people rigid just doesn’t work! In fact – that rigidity might be sucking your well of motivation DRY! And I highly recommend you DITCH it entirely!

I heard that collective sigh of relief.

Instead let your inspiration guide you. With many of my clients the goal is to “move for 25 minutes daily.” WHAT that movement looks like is what inspires them – and what works for their schedule (#reallife).

Why 25-minutes daily?

The research points us to a goal of 150 cumulative minutes of moderate to vigorous physical activity per week for the maintenance of good health and prevention of lifestyle related diseases. Simply put? If you want to have a healthy body – being active for about 150 minutes per week on a regular basis (aka – doing it consistently) is what matters most. HOW you get it – totally up to YOU! It could be in 15 ten-minute chunks. It could be in three 50-minute sessions. Or…25-minutes per day (ok technically 21.4 minutes per day…but you get the idea).
I would ALWAYS way rather hear from a client that they’re consistently getting their 150 minutes per week than that they ROCKED some BIG goal then did NOTHING for a month or more.
If you find yourself consistently struggling to achieve your #fitnessgoals. If you always feel like you can’t quite master that program you’re following. Maybe…just maybe it’s not you…it’s the approach you’re taking.
Reframe and approach your health and fitness with JOY. Let yourself be re-inspired by fitness. Re-inspired to MOVE.