If eating Grandma’s pie brings you JOY… I encourage you to eat it! Have one piece and truly savour and enjoy it. Experience that pie. Share it with your family as you reminisce about holidays past!
Food isn’t just about nourishment for the body! It’s also about nourishment for your soul!
So yeah – eat Grandma’s pie (or Mom’s potatoes, or Gran’s stuffing…you get the idea).

Want a few more tips you might not expect from me? Here are three:

  1. Skip your workout and MOVE for fun! Gather the troops for a fun game of pick up soccer or football. Go for a wintery walk. Head outside and forest bathe with the kids – notice what they notice! Have fun and don’t stress about your missed workouts. You can get back to those Monday!
  2. Engage the family in FUN not just food. Play a fun board game. Talk, laugh, play. Make your holiday about togetherness NOT about FOOD.
  3. Practice gratitude. Take a moment and soak it all in – not just the awesomeness, but also the messiness. The best laid plans gone awry. The crazy traffic. The rush and the bustle of preparing. Soak it all up. This is it – this is life! Find the magic in the mess. (ok, you might have expected that one from me…I can’t help it).
Happy Thanksgiving from my family to yours!