You know what one of the biggest tripping points is when I’m coaching people around health and food?

The fear of failure.

But here’s the thing. If we really want lasting success, we need to embrace failure. Trying something on and having it suck or be a complete bust, that’s learning gold my friends!

The trouble is that instead of viewing it this way, we tend to view “failure” to adhere to a plan/ to do all the things (exactly) as written, to take a mis-step or side-step as a big red F. And here’s the real hiccup: we make it mean that we don’t have it in us to be successful. Aka it kills our self-confidence and our self-efficacy (and when we lose these, see ya later motivation!).

Honestly, this fear of failure is quicksand! It sucks you in and completely stops you in your tracks!

But what if the problem isn’t you…but instead it’s the approach you’re taking?

Maybe that strategy just needs a little tweaking. Or you need to ditch it altogether.

But, how do you know?!

It’s actually simple, you know because you tried, and it flopped! It’s really that simple!

How do you get past this?!

In Intuitive Eating we talk about using the voice of the food anthropologist. Anthropologists don’t judge culture or what they did/ how they did it. They explore with curiousity and learn from the culture.

Embrace your inner anthropologist. Get fascinated by your failings. Be curious about what tripped you up. Are there aspects about this strategy or approach that “worked?” Awesome, integrate them. Are there aspects that didn’t? Cool. Release them without judgement.

Try again.

And keep trying until you have your groove. You’ll find it. I promise you will.

But only if you keep going!

If you’re looking for some support to help you find your inner anthropologist around food + fitness, connect with me for a 10-minute connection call. During this call we can explore whether coaching is a fit for you.