Want to know the BIGGEST pitfall I see people stumbling over with their health and fitness? Hands down…

Viewing their health and fitness as black and white.

It’s viewing health as this binary thing. Something you’re either ROCKING or NOT. It’s really just wagon talk (you know, on the wagon in January, or Monday, or at the beginning of a new month…fall off said wagon when….LIFE happens?!). It’s all so counterproductive to being successful long term!

What if you embraced the shades of grey?

Seriously…there are 256 of them (I looked it up).
What do I mean? I’m talking about the Health Zone. It’s a way of looking at your health that doesn’t trap you in all-or-none thinking.
I break it down in detail in my book The Elephant in the Gym, but here’s the big picture snapshot.
Your health is a range or Zone. When the $hit is hitting the fan and you’ve got about 1 million things on the go – what are the health habits you’ll maintain NO MATTER WHAT. I’m talking the things like brushing your teeth. I call those your non-negotiables. And they form the lower limit of your Health Zone.
On the other end are your Optimal Habits or Upper Limits. The things you’ll maintain (with a little effort) when things are swimming along. I’m not talking sunshine and rainbows optimal you guys – like realistically in your actual life – the things you’ll do! They should challenge you, but not TOO much.
Here’s the beauty of the Health Zone – you get to live in the zone – all the time. And anything you’re doing that keeps you “in the Zone” – is you ROCKING your healthy lifestyle!

Got it? No more black and white. No more wagon.

Shades of Grey. 256 of them. The ones you’re embracing? Totally UNIQUE to you.
Your health and fitness. Your way. #besuperyou