I have five tricks for getting out of bed for early morning workouts:

  1. Set a “go to bed” alarm. Not just that “get your butt out of bed and get sweating alarm.” But an alarm to tell you when to start heading to bed so you can have a proper amount of sleep. Because sleep is underrated in our society and it’s honestly one of the most important variables to consider. If you’re well rested you’ll have the energy you need to kick butt in those workouts. You won’t have that afternoon slump. You’ll feel energized, alert & ready all day long (ok, most of the day…there are a few other factors at play!)
  2. Have a workout routine that inspires you. You’re not going to want to get out of bed if you aren’t inspired by it! (I know….that’s just common sense! Indeed it is…but as Brendan Burchard so eloquently puts it “Common sense isn’t always common practice.” Find ways to be fit you genuinely enjoy. For me variety is the spice of life! I love running and always will, but I need to shake up my cross training regularly to stay inspired. Check out the tool I use to keep inspired.
  3. Fuel properly. For me that means that I get up, have a 8 ounce glass of water (how I start every day), then I eat 1/2 a banana & drink my pre-workout drink. I honestly look forward to drinking my pre-workout. Some days it’s what gets me out of bed. It’s energizing and invigorating and has been clinically proven to improve performance. And because I’m a science geek that makes me happy. Anecdotally I’ve found it genuinely helps me. Want more info about it? Ask me. And whatever you do please don’t put junk in your body. Proper fuel matters. Good quality supplementation matters. If you can’t read the ingredients skip it. Or go simple and use coffee. It’s long been used as an “ergogenic aid” (aka energy generating) and while a pre-workout products have other ingredients to support athletic performance, good old coffee can go a long way too!
  4. Have a buddy. Or buddies. Whether that’s an online accountability group OR it’s a buddy you text every morning positive peer pressure can be a huge support structure for making your early morning sweat sesh happen. Whether you’re meeting them for a workout or simply using texts, sweaty selfies or calls to keep you accountable, find a support structure that works for you! Find a buddy or a tribe that fits your goals & philosophy, set a plan in place & make it happen!
  5. Don’t think, just do. Don’t hit the snooze. Don’t set 3 alarms. Just get up & make it happen. The longer you debate it the more likely you’ll be to skip it entirely. So turn off your brain. Do it.

Need some help? A coach can help too! Hey…I know one! Let’s chat about the support you need to make your goals your reality!