I love incorporating a fun activity into our family gatherings. It’s a great way to kick off the day! Not only does this rev the engines and fire up the metabolism – it also revs up the FUN factor!

Here are my top pics for FUN Fall activities:

  1. Touch football, pick up soccer or 31 Hoops. Grab a ball and head to your local field for some good old fashioned fun. Anyone else remember that episode of friends? #classic
  2. Playground games – Grounders, Red Rover, Tag…anyone else!? Hello FUN. I have to admit I wasn’t a huge fan of the running games as a kid, but as a grown up. #somuchfun Feeling a little slower paced? Hop Scotch, skipping games, or even a swing on the swings can be a real blast from the past (and get the heart pumping and smile widening)!
  3. Walk in the woods. I never tire of a walk in the woods. Add some FUN factor by searching for a geo-cache!
  4. Scavenger hunt. This one takes a bit more organizing – but is so much fun! Break your group into teams 3-4 and head out to complete their tasks. It might involve finding things, or completing tasks (fun!). Add an additional fun factor by having them take pics of all their finds and compile them into a fun photo album (hello holiday presents )!
  5. Twister – I’m not kidding. Or charades. Or freeze dance (oh yes I did)! Or any other physical games! These are a great way to get things moving especially if the weather isn’t playing in your favour (or not everyone is dressed for it). Just remember FUN is the objective!

Remember, the objective is FUN – enjoy!

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