Did you “Pandemic Pause” your health + fitness?

Don’t worry, you’re not alone! It’s completely fair and reasonable that you took a break. And…now it’s time to re-calibrate and find your pandemic groove.

If you’re like most of the people I’m talking with, it might feel a bit overwhelming to figure out where to start and what to do. It might lead you to hop online, look for a “ready made” packaged solution. Or a set of guidelines or rules to follow because structure in the midst of this unstructured time feels a bit comforting. But here’s the challenge with this rather black and white (you’re either doing it or not) approach: the habits you’re forming typically don’t “stick” long term. Here’s how it tends to go: you start full of hope and inspiration, you’re rocking all the habits and your 100% all in. But before long you start to lose steam (because all this change all at once is capital ‘H’ hard) and then you “fall off the wagon” and before you know it you’re back at the beginning.

Or maybe you know that taking the “packaged” approach won’t work, so you hit up our friend Google to find the pieces of the puzzle that might serve you. But there’s so much information you get overwhelmed. And all the thinking, researching and figuring out what to do leads you to analysis paralysis. Aka square one.

This might leave you feeling a little confused or complacent (I get it), but I’ve got good news!

If you’re getting started (or re-started) shifting your healthy habits doesn’t have to be complicated.
But so often it feels like there is so much info out there and there’s so much you “should” be doing.

What if getting started was actually really simple?

And dare I say… easy ? It is! I’ve got 5 totally straightforward tips that will absolutely help you move your health forward no drama or distress required. Ready?

  1. Drink up. Water. Put down the glass of wine or fun bevvie (for now) and pick up your water bottle. Starting with a glass first thing is a fab health habit your body will really appreciate! Aim for one more with each meal or snack. #boom You’re hydrating like a boss. Cue: energy, clarity, focus and concentration.
  2. Eat a rainbow. I’m not talking M&M’s (though there’s no shame in enjoying your fave chocolate treats #intuitiveeating). It’s about making sure you’re giving your body the phytonutrients and vitamins you need to feel your best. Veggies and fruit are magic for the body!
  3. Move more. I know. It’s not rocket science (or a surprise). We all know moving is good. But also, it’s not rocket science! Don’t complicate it. Don’t worry about the perfect plan or going “all in.” Find ways to move that bring you joy and weave it into your lifestyle!
  4. Set a go to bed alarm. I don’t know about you but my pandemic circadian rhythm took a hit. And once I recalibrated it, so did my energy, mindset and overall well-being. Going to bed on time means getting up on time is easier. So you can have the energy to do tips #1-3.
  5. Take 10 breaths. Simply pausing and taking 10 mindful breaths is a powerful (and simple) meditation. Or maybe do the meditation I shared above. Whatever you do, making time for mindfulness is more important now than ever.

Want more details and some simple strategies to make it happen?

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If you make these 5 shifts I’m confident your health will absolutely benefit.

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