Looking for a simple & delicious summery salad for dinner? This is a variation of a salad my mom’s served for years. I love it and it’s simple, easy and quick (aren’t those my three favourite words when it comes to cooking?)!

-1 Romaine head (for 2 people)
-1 red onion sliced for grilling (I used about 1/4 per person)
-Grilled Chicken breast (1 deck of cards sized per serving)
-1T Goat feta cheese per serving

Make up this gorgeous dressing – you’ll use it for dressing but also to baste the chicken on the BBQ:
4T olive oil
Juice of 1 lemon
2T Apple cider vinegar
2T fresh basil
1t Dijon mustard
Dash of Franks (of course)

Makes extra dressing!

To make: tear the romaine leaves, and mix with the dressing. Serve it up with onion rings on top (or chopped in) sprinkle with feta & layer on Chicken. Voila!