This was a last minute, pull SOMETHING together dinner creation and it was MODERATELY approved by my children (not everyone LOVES mushrooms). I’ll take moderate. I can’t be awesome ALL the time! 😉
[Serves 4]

-2C cooked quinoa
-red pepper
-yellow pepper
-4 zucchini
-2C sliced mushrooms
-1T olive oil
-3T white balsamic
-bragg herbs
-fresh basil
-goat cheese
-3 chicken breasts

Mix the oil, vinegar, herbs & s/p and brush the zucchini & peppers. Also brush the chicken (separately). Bbq it all!

In a non stick pan fry up the mushrooms with the remaining dressing on medium heat. Add cooked mushrooms into the quinoa. Chop up the grilled veggies once they’re cooked. Add them in and mix in the fresh basil.

Serve with sliced chicken breast and 1T Goat cheese crumbles on top