In case you didn’t know, September is the second coming of January in the world of health & fitness. So if you haven’t noticed already the marketing to get you “on board” and “back on the wagon” has commenced. Which means you’re about to see all sorts of messages about what you should do to get back to fitness this fall. And there are 5 common mistakes/ misconceptions people have around being successful with their fitness & creating a healthy lifestyle. Let’s shine a light on them so you can get out there and ROCK your fitness this fall!

  1. Letting FOMO (fear of missing out) guide your fitness & health choices. Joining because “all your friends are” or “i love the people”…when the gym/ program/ class itself really doesn’t work for YOU! Community matters, support is essential! But when the basis of the programming doesn’t work for you? And it just doesn’t fit YOU? That just doesn’t make sense!
    Find YOUR fit. Create the community you need to be successful & say #hecknoFOMO so you can #besuperyou
  2. Repeating the same choice again, and again, and again….(repeat). You keep trying a certain program, going to the gym, or learning to run…but it just. doesn’t. stick. It’s not YOU…it’s the program! It’s like trying to put on a pair of shoes that just isn’t the right size. It has NOTHING to do with you and everything with it not being the right shoe for YOU. You are unique, so rocking your healthy lifestyle is about you finding what works for you. Repeat after me, “it’s not ME, it’s just not the right program for me.” Just because something works for your bestie, your sister or a woman on the interwebs, doesn’t mean it will for you – keep trying until you find YOUR perfect fit! And that doesn’t mean you will NEVER do that program/ class/ run…it just means it’s not the best for you – RIGHT NOW.
  3. Thinking it has to be HARD. Like sweaty, HIIT, intense, I’m gonna puke. Nope. It doesn’t. It doesn’t have to be hard all the time. Is it going to be easy? No. But change is hard. It’s way easier to stay status quo. But it most certainly shouldn’t be punative or something you dread. Find ways of moving your body that bring you JOY. That you look forward to (even if just a little bit in the beginning…because again, change is hard). Find YOUR jam…and rock it. Walking is great. So is swimming. Gentle yoga or Tai Chi might be a great place to start. This one also applies within your healthy lifestyle. Your body needs a balance between hard/ intense and active recovery. Be kind to yourself and make sure you enjoy the process (if you don’t…the chances of you sticking with it?? I think you know the answer to that!)
  4. Not being consistent. I see this one a lot. You get started, and shift your habits and think…BOOM I should see RESULTS. And you may…but you may not. The “trick” to results? Consistency. And I”m not talking the BIG grand gestures either. I’m talking about small shifts you can maintain LONG term. Because things you can do long term is what will yield long term results! So add a dose of patience to this tip…because patience & perseverance (aka consistency) is what will give you the outcomes you desire.
  5. Thinking you won’t fall. You will. I guarantee it. Unless you’re actually a robot. Which I don’t think you are. You’re human. At some point you’ll get sick or you’ll have one of “those days” or you will “slip up.” Consider that falling isn’t the issue. It’s the not getting up that’s the problem. Trip. Fall. Lay there for a minute. But always get up. Succeeding in anything is about learning from the trip/ fall/ failure and moving forward with that knowledge. You are human. Embrace your humanity. Which leads me to this BONUS one…
  6. Do this all with a basis in self-compassion. Be kind to yourself. Speak to yourself as though you are speaking to someone you care deeply for – your child or a dear friend. Be kind in your words, but also your actions. Shame & guilt do not lead to long term change. The research is clear. What does work? Self-compassion. Shame and guilt MAY be effective to get you start, but it’s self-compassion that will get you to the finish line (and doing it with a smile on your face).

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