Last night on our final Super You Mindset Group call one of the participants shared this “aha” with the group. I’ll paraphrase for confidentiality…

I’ve come to recognize that when it comes to shifting my habits I move glacially, and that’s ok.

I wanted to shout excitedly, Yes. It. Is! (ok, I might have!)

Because here’s the thing, glacially slow movement, is movement! And because I’m a self-proclaimed nerd, this morning I decided to explore more about glaciers and I stumbled into the real beauty of this metaphor.

Do you know how glaciers are formed & move?

I didn’t really either (or I didn’t remember until National Geographic reminded me).

I’m going to simplify it, to keep this snappy, but here’s the gist.

Large accumulations of snow, pack down and convert into ice. This happens over long periods of time. Year over year soft, fluffy snow packs down the deeper layers until eventually, it fuses into a huge mass of solid ice and…begins moving under its own weight.

Different parts of a glacier move at different speeds. Flowing ice in the middle of the glacier moves faster than the base which moves slowly against the resistance of a rocky bed.

How does this relate to my health Gillian?

So glad you asked!

Here’s my thoughts. Solid, glacial style habits that have momentum, take time to develop. It takes layers upon layers of simpler, more mundane habits to find that point of forward action. It might not look like a habit is forming, but it is.
Sometimes once you get moving, you’ll find different components of your health that move more “quickly” than others due to the dynamics of your life in some areas and the friction of resistance in others.

But it’s all movement.

You are a constantly evolving, shifting, growing, transforming human – whether you can “see” it or not! Remember that sometimes the habits you’re building now are simply the glacial base. It takes time, and many layers of habits to find that forward action. Let it snow and stay the course.

If you’re looking to build some glacial strong habits, consider joining us in the Super You Studio or connect with me for some one-to-one coaching. Let’s layer on habits and help you discover your glacial momentum.