Creating a sustainable healthy lifestyle isn’t magic. It’s momentum.
But creating MOMENTUM can be tough. Especially as you’re just getting started.
When you’re starting ANY new habit you’re moving from a state of stillness and there is an energetic hurdle around it that you need to overcome.
In physics this energetic hurdle is called inertia. (I told you, I’m a science geek at heart!)
INSPIRATION is a great source of energy to move you through INERTIA.
Inspiration can get you going, but have you ever noticed it doesn’t really keep you going? Somewhere along the way your inspiration mysteriously fades and all of the sudden it just. gets. hard?
So you go back to what got you started – searching for more inspiration. But it never really “works” the same way again.
…and it all ends up feeling like mission impossible.
But it’s not.
I’ve got a secret for you.
It’s not inspiration you need at this point. It’s momentum.
And the TRICK to staying there….and maintaining that momentum…is making sure you don’t overshoot your energetic needs for overcoming inertia.
Say what?! Yup. Often times your inspiration is SO BIG and SO POWERFUL you end up OVERSHOOTING…and burning yourself out. And feeling like you’re back at the beginning all over again…
But it doesn’t have to go this way!
Here’s the #hack
When you’re inspired, harness that inspiration. Mindfully move forward. Do enough to get you up and over the energetic hurdle of starting, but not so much you’re quickly overwhelmed.
Sounds great Gillian…just HOW do I do that?!
With clients I talk about making 4% shifts. 4% is enough to feel challenged and affect change, without it being SO HARD you can’t sustain it (and build that momentum).
Next time you find yourself feeling inspired, awesome! Instead of going ALL in and doing all the things, find that 4% shift. Break free from inertia and start building momentum.
You’ve got this!
PS. Want to read the whole article I wrote about 4% shifts? You can find it here.