Feeling a little MEH about MOVING this time of year?!

It’s not just you! There’s so much going on and it’s easy to fall away from your fitness routines.
So instead of “writing off” the summer, get creative. Build out your “movement zone” – decide on a daily goal for movement.
It might be a certain number of steps, or a specified amount of time working out each day or a specific number of days per week.
For example:
  • reach 5000 steps daily
  • reach 10,000 steps daily
  • move for 30-minutes 5x per week
  • move for 20-minutes per day
  • move for 45-minutes 3x per week
You get the idea…
From there determine HOW you’ll make it happen.
For steps goals:
  • keep an eye on your steps through the day
  • know approximately how many steps you need to have by certain “times” and then do what you need to bump it up
  • schedule in mini-movement breaks to help you achieve your goals
For minute goals:
  • schedule your windows of movement in your week/ day
  • give yourself freedom around WHAT you do each time.
  • be open to moving where the windows are week to week if needed to account for holidays, social engagements, etc.
  • get creative – maybe you can’t do what you typically do – that’s ok! Have fun trying new things!
  • keep it fun – remember that exercise isn’t a chore!
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