It goes without saying that you need a great plan developed by a professional that is appropriately planned & periodized (aka mapped out with phases of growth & recovery). If you don’t have that…let’s talk!

Once you have a great PLAN…what you really need?

Just 2 things (when it REALLY comes down to it).

  1. Great shoes designed for the activity. I often get asked “can I wear my running shoes for my cross-training?” Short answer? YES. Long answer: it’s not ideal. Running shoes were designed for forward action. Strike at the heel/ mid-foot and transition to the toe off. That’s the “rocker” sensation you feel in a running shoe. If you’re doing a lot of later or side-to-side movement – as you often are in a cross-training activity, then you’re not only NOT supported in the right plane, you’re also wearing out your running shoes in the WRONG direction! This will decrease the life of your shoes and send you to the store more frequently (OR if you’re trying to delay buying…may just result in your foot/body not being supported for the activity they were designed for – RUNNING!). Save your running shoes for RUNNING. Wear OLD shoes OR better yet a cross-trainer for cross training activities and you’ll get the best level of support AND your shoes will likely last longer!
  2. A supportive sports bra that does the job! No matter WHAT size cup you wear – you need to pay attention to this. If you’re not supporting your breast tissue (aka if it is MOVING at ALL when you exercise) you are stretching out the support structures in the tissue designed ot keep your breast tissue happy called the Coopers Ligaments. If you’ve ever sprained your ankle you know that once you’ve done it once….you’re more prone to doing it again because once a ligament stretches out once it doesn’t return to it’s original length. This means the joint is more mobile and more prone to instability. Same goes in the breast tissue. Once that Coopers Ligament is stretched out – it doesn’t return to original length and your breast has less stability.  What does that mean? #1 – not great for breast health. #2 – your breast tissue will become less…um….”perky.”

For both shoes & bras – get a proper fitting & remember, while they are investments they don’t last forever. Shoes tend to last 500mi or 800km (this varies from person to person) and bras…they shouldn’t celebrate a birthday (for real). The products are not designed to last FOREVER. But if you’re feeling tight…just remember, in both cases you’re looking at a relatively SMALL cost per use.

To put it into perspective consider this little bit of math:

If you exercise 3x per week by running for 5k – your shoes and bra will both last ABOUT 1 year. That’s 156 uses.

Most shoes on average are about $155. That’s $1 per use

Most good quality supportive bras are $65 or less. That’s $0.42 per use.

Is your health worth $220 per year OR just $1.50 per session? I’d say yes. I’d actually say it’s worth a whole lot more.