I know…we’re almost 2 weeks into the “new regimes” and you’re already feeling a little “done” with it. Here’s the thing. Lasting change…it takes time. So if you’re finding yourself with a case of the “I don’t wanna’s” and it’s not that you’re just lacking a little mojo today (more like every day)…consider that maybe, just maybe, you’re taking the wrong approach for you.
There is no “wrong” approach – but there are likely to be a bunch that don’t work for you, your body or your life.
So if it feels like a CONSTANT state of uphill…maybe try something else? Because the NUMBER ONE predictor of success? Is having habits you can MAINTAIN with consistency.
It’s not about what you can do for 1 week or 30-days. It’s about what you can do for the rest of your life!
This is not permission to “jump ship” the moment it gets hard. Remember, change is inherently hard! Find the degree of change that challenges you just that step or two out of our comfort zone and then STICK with it…I promise it’s worth it.
If the plan or regime you’re following is just that degree too hard? Instead of calling it and moving it into the “not for me” pile (or worse, chalking it up to failure)…consider tweaking it. How could you make it a few degrees easier to maintain? Be open to playing and modifying the approach to make it work for you – right now!
Consistency – it’s truly the name of the game when it comes to lasting health. Find the things that work for you…and ROCK them.