I need you to hear this: You are awesome.

Most health and fitness marketing this time of year is centred around picking apart all the things you DON’T love about yourself. They prey on your insecurities and reinforce the broken paradigm of fitness (the one grounded in an unrealistic “image” of health that only 1% of people on this planet will ever achieve).
Don’t let that BS into your heart! YOU are awesome. You are not defined by your body shape, size or whether you have a little more jiggle in your wiggle.


Wanting to be healthy and take care of your body isn’t about hating your body – it’s about LOVING your body.

What habits reflect you LOVING your body?
  • How do you NOURISH your healthy body with love?
  • How do you MOVE your healthy body with love?
  • How do you REST your healthy body with love?
Find the habits, strategies and routines that support you LOVING your amazing body. Giving it the respect and admiration it deserves!
Turn down the volume on the messages telling you there is something wrong with you that needs to be fixed. You don’t need that negativity in your life! Lead with LOVE.