I love plants. But I’m not particularly “plant inclined.” I always joke that my plants survive in spite of me, not because of me.
Except orchids.

Which is hilarious because orchids are notoriously finicky plants. They’re very particular and are considered (by the people who know), difficult to grow.

But in this one spot in my house they flourish. I take great joy in watching them grow another stem and bloom, again and again. Sure, I water them, and make sure they have adequate light (I’m not negligent!). I pull the dead heads and I trim down the stem after the blossoms all die. But other than that? Nadda. And it got me thinking.

Here’s what’s cool about orchids (or at least orchids as I know them – again, no expert, but roll with me because I think it’s a nice and timely metaphor). They go through this period of dormancy after they bloom. They don’t produce a stem (or blooms) for months, sometimes years. But if you wait and practice patience, continue to water them and ensure they have sunlight, eventually they regrow a stem and bloom. How cool is that?!

This is the most blooms I’ve ever had on a regrowth stem. There are 13 glorious blooms!

Perhaps we could all take a lesson from the orchid as it relates to our health, vitality and perhaps even this period of “pandemic pause.”

Maybe we all need to have periods of dormancy, and if we’re patient enough to see it through, and take care of the basics (water, sunshine, fresh air), perhaps we too will bloom again more brilliantly than ever.

I’m often talking with clients about how beneficial an “off season” is. Professional athletes do it, but it’s not as common for recreational athletes or exercisers. But I think it should be (I wrote about it here).

I also think it’s a nice reminder for life in general. Whether it’s you’ve been pushing hard and “blooming” at work, or in family endeavours, or in volunteer pursuits or perhaps with a fun hobby, sometimes it’s nice (and beneficial) to take an intentional pause.

If I could say one thing about the Pandemic is how beautiful this “pause” has been for me, my family and my business. Sure there are aspects that have been tremendously challenging. Kids being home, my husband and I doing our best to help them learn at home while both still working hard at our jobs. Me trying to pivot my business and continue to serve and support my clients with no face to face interaction. This “Pandemic Pivot” is no joke. It’s had it’s days my friends. And…it’s had some beauty in it to. This forced pause, this “dormant period” has pushed me to stop and evaluate what I was doing.

I’ve taken time outs to go to the beach more than I have in years.

I’m making a more intentional effort to connect with friends (Zoom anyone)!?

We got a puppy. And the joy he’s brought our family is immeasurable.

Pre-pandemic I was going-going-going so fast, I rarely took time to breathe or think. And this lack of pause meant I kept on keeping on and didn’t objectively evaluate what I was keeping on doing.

This pause has forced me to slow down and objectively evaluate. To ask myself:

  • Is this the best use of my capacity?
  • Am I optimizing my impact with this approach?
  • Does this make me happy and fulfilled?
  • Does this bring me joy?

While I don’t know 100% how this will all shake out, I do know that this pause has been powerful. For me, it’s been a catalyst for change (in the best way possible). I’ve already made some BIG changes that I’m SO excited about. Some that I’ve been thinking about for a long time, but have been too stuck in the “keeping on, keeping on” that I didn’t create time to make it so.

Changes like:

  • I launched the completely virtual RunCrew Club. I’ve had a vision for this virtual RunClub for years. But I never saw how to make the leap. Runners, don’t worry, teaching in person clinics isn’t on the chopping block, but do stay tuned for a re-imagined approach (once we’re allowed). PS. I think you’ll LOVE it.
  • I made 5 of my Super You Studio Health + Fitness Masterclasses and created 7 unique Fitness + Yoga Video Bundles available a la carte so people could purchase what served and supported them.
  • I’ve had some MAJOR “aha” moments about the path forward with the Super You Studio Membership – stay tuned! The way forward isn’t paved yet, but I’ve got the drawings and ohhhhh, I’m excited.
  • I’ve re-imagined the Super You Mindset, stay tuned for a re-launch of this extended “un-program” course in September 2020.

And I’m taking more time for me. Solo runs. Personal time “midday” (so, not pre-pandemic me). Ditching work to go to the beach with my boys and Tucker pup. And mini-meditation breaks. Could there be more of that? Sure, but hey, as I so often tell my clients I’m “leaning in” to change. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and it takes time to build new habits. Patience, once again, for the win.

So if you’re finding peace in this pause and revelling in it. Soak it up. Sometimes the quiet pause and time for reflection is exactly what you need to flourish.