When I teach fitness or coach clients I often encourage them to listen to their body. The other day a client said back to me – it’s telling me to eat ice cream when I get home from class. We chuckled. I knew she was saying it in jest (though frankly, if that’s what you really want…#fillyourboots no judgement here!).
But seriously tho, as a culture we’ve moved so far away from listening to our bodies. We are over-scheduled and generally not present enough to even notice our own cues (myself included at times!). So how can we “tune in?”
It’s not always possible to make it to the yoga mat or sit on a meditation cushion. But there is time in your day – if you seek it out.

Try this simple hack to make use of the time you already have!

Pause in the transitions. I know your busy life isn’t going anywhere. So work with it. Instead of trying to build in magical “listening time” – use the time you’ve got and tune in. Any time you “transition” from one activity to the next – take 3 breaths.
  • Breath one – just breathe – notice the air at your nostrils.
  • Breath two – scan your body (and mind) – how are you?
  • Breath three – ask yourself – what do I need?
Sometimes the simple act of pausing for reflection is all we actually needed. Kind of like when you’re having a hard time and all you really needed was a friend to just reach out – and say, hey, are you ok? Just knowing someone cares…means the world.

Next time you transition from one activity to the next – take 3 breaths: notice, scan, ask.

What can you do to listen to and honour your body?