Do you make time in your life for play? As a culture we tend to think of play as for kids only. And as adults we rarely let loose enough to be playful. But did you know play is not only good for your health, but it can make you more productive and innovative too? Read on for 5 reasons you should make regular time for PLAY!

Why? I’ll give you 5 reasons!

  1. Play inspires LAUGHTER. And laughter is known to reduce stress and improve health! It is known to decrease blood pressure and increase levels of dopamine (aka feel good hormones)!
  2. Play builds CONNECTION. When we play we let our guard down and make social connections we may not have otherwise made. I’ve noticed this effect in run clinics especially. People from all sorts of backgrounds and experiences come together to run (play) and really cool relationships form – that otherwise may not have!
  3. Play makes you more PRODUCTIVE. There is a reason leading edge employers like Google promote play – it has a profound effect on productivity! Our brains are constantly working – especially when we take breaks! Yes you read that correctly! Mindful breaks where you walk away from your tasks at hand can be very productive time. Have you ever noticed some of your best ideas come when you’re NOT actively working on them? Yeah…that.
  4. Play sparks INNOVATION. Need your brain “on” for an important brainstorming session or a creative project? Play. Seriously. Refer to Reason #3. Also – this is especially important if you innovate in teams! Playing together can spark that connection and promote better (and more relaxed) creativity and collaboration!
  5. Play promotes BRAIN HEALTH. Did your know your brain is always “remodelling?” It’s how we learn. And play actually promotes the growth and development of new neural tissue. Who knew NOT working could make you smarter. You. That’s who (at least now you do)!
What can you do today to PLAY?