You will never find me spending 1/2 a day on my weekend “prepping food” for the week. It’s not going to happen. So how do I make healthy eating happen? Here are my TOP 3 Meal Prep #healthhacks

Meal Prep Tip #1

Make 1 meal get 3+. Big batch cooking is one of the keys to my success. Most obviously if I’m making chili, soups, etc. I always double the recipe (unless it’s a big batch recipe). This means I tuck at least 1 extra meal in the freezer if not 1 dinner & 2 lunches for busy days. I use the meal sizes as freezer meals for nights in the weeks to come when we have very tight timelines for dinner (aka soccer & drum lesson nights).

Meal Prep Tip #2

Double it up buttercup. Whether it’s a protein or a starch when I cook things like chicken breasts or Salmon fillets for dinner I always add at least 2 so I have lunch for a couple of days. The same goes for staples like rice or quinoa. So handy to have a container of quinoa or rice in the fridge to add to a salad or have warm with some applesauce, cinnamon and greek yogurt for an easy breakfast!

Meal Prep Tip #3

Portion no distortion. Immediately portion the extras out into single or family size MEAL portions. At the same time as I dish dinner. If I do it at the same time then it doesn’t feel like a huge chore. Also, it saves everyone from the “second helping phenomenon” (you know, how it doesn’t count if you just have a small extra serving AFTER dinner as you portion it out)?! #keepingitreal

BONUS hack

Cook some hard boiled eggs while you cook dinner. You’re already at the stove and they take almost no thought! #bonus
Now get out there and enjoy your weekend!
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