I eat the same 8-10 dinners and repeat them. That COULD sound a little (ok a LOT)  boring. But here’s how I shake it up. First off – I’m seasonal in my meals. My spring/ summer is focused on salads, and bbq. My fall/winter is more about stews, soups & stirfry’s.  Here’s how I keep it interesting. The base meal CONCEPT is the same week on week – but the details change so no one gets bored! #mommymagic

Spring/Summer Meals:

  1. Greens & BBQ Chicken – change it up with the dressing (Super Glory Bowl is our current fave) and the veggies in the salad!
  2. Rice Salad & Grilled Meat/ fish – I use wild or brown rice as my base for the salad and add in veggies, possibly some dried fruit & a simple vinagrette. Served up with grilled pork chops, sausages or fish!
  3. Quinoa Salad – I love this for a staple. So many ways to shake it up. And any way you shake it you’ll have leftovers! YUM. Here are some of my faves!
  4. Tacos. Corn tortillas, whole grain tortillas, beef, turkey, chicken, black beans or white fish or salmon. Slaw or the traditional. So many ways to shake this up!
  5. Homemade Pizza. Cauliflower crust, traditional crust, tortilla crust (fast). Mix it up with fun toppings – sliced zucchini is a fave of mine (also broccoli – surprisingly good). Kids can make their own!
  6. BBQ fish, starch & veg. This is pretty simple But how you prep the fish and what fish is a nice way to add variety! Foil wrapped with lemon & dill is always a hit at our house!
  7. Cold Bowl. Check out the Glory Bowl for the concept for this. Kids LOVE it. Make your own salad bar!
  8. Burgers. Fish, Classic Beef, turkey, bean based. So many options. On a bun, in lettuce. Serve it up with veggies or a salad to keep things healthy!


Fall/ Winter Meals:

  1. Chili. Turkey, Vegetarian, Beef – add in peppers, onions, a few cans of tomatoes and seasonings. Simple & classic.
  2. Tacos. Repeat the above options. Turkey. Fish. Traditional. You really can’t go wrong with tacos in my house.
  3. Homemade Pizza
  4. Baked Salmon, Starch & veg. Pesto baked salmon is a fave -but simple lemon & dill goes a long way too. Served up with some rice & steamed brocolli or green beans. Simple & delish!
  5. Warm Bowl. Same concept of the Cold Bowl but WARM. Think warm rice, warm tofu or chicken, and steamed veggies & sauce. mmm. Or mix it all up with this recipe.
  6. Stir Fry. Chicken, prawn, tofu with veggies you have (peppers, carrots, onions & brocoli) seasoned with some bragg. Simple & delicious!
  7.  Spaghetti. Zuchini noodles, whole grain noodles, GF noodles or spaghetti squash with the classic turkey or beef sauce. So many options!
  8. Soups. I love a good hearty soup. Some of my faves: Peasant Soup, Butternut Squash Soup, Enchilada Soup, and the classic Chicken Soup!

Have fun & enjoy your food!