If you’re the type of person that is craving routine and schedule – I feel you. I too thrive on routine and schedules.
But what this unexpected “break” has taught me is that I may not want the schedule I had…and now is a great opportunity to reflect on that.
In the meantime until we get back to …whatever we get back to (with pause and consideration) I invite you to begin to explore a new normal (for now).

As you find your new (now) normal here are a few strategies to consider:

  • STRATEGY 1: Keep your eyes in your own lane. Comparison sucks. Now more than ever. Especially when we start comparing our suffering. Nobody’s suffering is more valuable than another’s. We’re all human, having a completely unprecedented human experience. Minimizing your suffering because “others have it worse” just makes you feel WORSE. Cut it out. Put down the scroll hole of social media (ironic, since you found this here). Breathe. Remember that how we all relate to this experience is as unique as we are. We each bring our prior experiences to this one. So our suffering is unique too. And we need to honour our feelings not squash them.
  • STRATEGY 2: Give yourself PERMISSION to adjust. Whether you find yourself without work, working from home or working the front lines – one thing is certain…This is DIFFERENT….and HARD. And it’s a change from how things were. So don’t just “stay strong and carry on” – give yourself permission to pause (even for a minute). Permission to breathe. Permission to adjust your routines and schedule at whatever pace, in whatever way that works for you.
  • STRATEGY 3: Try things on. I love this phrasing. I use it a lot. Just try it on. You’re not committing to it for the rest of eternity – explore and be curious. Play around with different strategies, routines and schedules. Try NOT having one. See what best serves and supports YOU right now.
  • STRATEGY 4: Revamp and release. Weekly, daily, or even hourly take a moment to pause and reflect. Is this working for you? If not, revamp it or release it. Adjust what you’re doing and try on something else. Or let it go completely. YOU are in the drivers seat. Remember, just because it worked for you before – doesn’t mean it’ll work for you now. This is a New Normal.
  • STRATEGY 5: Breathe and be gentle with yourself. You don’t have to have it all figured out. It’s ok if you don’t. You might get to the other side of this and never create a “new (for now) normal.” That’s ok. As you try things on throughout this period be gracious with yourself. Notice when the self-critical voice dials up the volume. Notice it. Know you’re not alone in the struggle (we’re all here with you!). Speak to yourself the way you would a loved one. Be gentle and kind.
Ok. That’s it. I know you might have been expecting a step by step guide to how to create a schedule, do it all and make it all happen in these trying times. But there’s lots of that out there, and I’m not sure it’s what many of us need.
Be well my friends, and remember, you’re doing the best you can. And that – is enough. YOU are enough.
If there is anything I can do to serve and support you through this, consider pay what you can coaching. I’m currently offering one-to-one coaching on a sliding scale. If I can be of service to you, please reach out.