When I saw this recipe in the January issue of Impact I knew I needed to try it. Simple, whole ingredients and treat worthy? #winning

This is a recipe from New Zealand Healthy food Blogger Danijela Unkovich. Here’s how you make them. They are delicious & gooey & well worth the prep time (about 45 minutes including freezing time).

Raspberry Chia Jelly:

1C frozen raspberries
4T water
1T maple syrup
2T chia seed

Peanut Butter Cup ingredients:

2/3C smooth natural PB

1/2C melted coconut oil

2T maple syrup

In a pyrex or microwave safe dish melt the coconut oil carefully so it doesn’t burn. Add in the natural PB & syrup. Pour into a lined muffin tin so the bottom is just covered. Freeze for 10-15minutes until firm.

Combine raspberries, maple syrup & water in a small saucepan. Bring to a bubble, stirring frequently. Remove from heat & add chia. Pour into a glass jar and cool (put in the fridge once it’s not steaming).

When the PB is firm & the jam is thickened, place a dollop of the raspberry “jam” on top leaving a visible edge. Pour more PB mixture over top to cover.

Recipe says it makes 6. I stretched it to make 9 smaller sized cups. You could also make mini cups.