I love this simple twist on a classic comfort food. It was MOSTLY kid approved (one likes mushrooms, the other doesn’t) and they would prefer it on toast (over the polenta), but hey…that’s a partial win right?!

Polenta roll (found in the pasta aisle)
1T avocado oil or olive oil
Garlic powder
Flat of extra lean ground beef
2C sliced mushrooms
1 can tomato sauce (plain)
2-3T tomato paste
1t basil
1t oregano
1/2t thyme
Goat feta
Green onions

Preheat the oven to 425F. Slice up the polenta (about 1cm thick) and arrange on a baking sheet pre-oiled with the oil. Flip polenta rings so each side is oiled. Sprinkle with S&P and garlic powder. Put in the oven. While those bake make the sloppy joe sauce. In a large non stick pan cook the ground. Once browned, add in the mushrooms & cook. Add in sauce, paste & herbs. S&P to taste. Serve sauce on top of toasted polenta rounds. Sprinkle with crumbled feta & green onions.