You might be surprised to hear me say this, but I think you should quit. Yup, I said it. I think when it comes to your health & fitness – if there is something that you’re doing that is causing you stress, dread or disdain, I think you should QUIT!

Let me explain. I love a great fitness & nutrition program. I even like detailed structure, periodization, and tracking (I took a whole degree in the study of humans and movement!), but here’s the catch. It’s great; sometimes. Programs that are regimented and structure work really well for some people. Exceedingly well. And when we see others do well with something their is an innate human desire to replicate those results in yourself. But there’s a major flaw in this approach – the program MAY work really well, for that person, but it may NOT for you! And therein lies the rub.

There’s this misconception in fitness that there is one way (and one way only) to be healthy and fit. And frankly, it’s just not true! That’s an old paradigm and it needs to go! Yup, I said it!

There are SO many ways to be healthy & fit – there are even multiple ways for YOU to be healthy and fit. And the true secret to success is to know when to call it. To remain curious about what is working, and what is not. To retain the parts that work, and ditch the ones that don’t. To hold on tight to the pieces that bring you joy, and let go of the ones that don’t! Because your life is meant to be enjoyed. Your health and fitness isn’t a means to an end – it IS the end. Your body is the vessel carrying you through this life and you’re meant to enjoy the ride!

So stay curious. Find YOUR way. Sure, try things on. Look at it as an experiment. But as with any good scientist, know when your experiment is a bust and adjust your hypothesis and move on!