This post was inspired by a question from my SuperCrew! Christine posed this awesome question:

“How to goal set and use them when you slip, especially when you are someone with a huge amount to lose and feel overwhelmed?”

When you have a huge goal it’s easy to get overwhelmed if you keep your focus on that big goal, especially when you “slip up” (which is TOTALLY going to happen – because you’re HUMAN!). So there are TWO very important things to remember when tackling a BIG goal:

  1. Break it into bite sized pieces! Take that BIG goal and break it down into smaller more mentally manageable mini-goals with shorter timelines that don’t feel overwhelming. Choose mini-goals you KNOW you can rock. And then break those mini-goals into small manageable action steps – or small habit shifts. Tackle just ONE thing at a time to set yourself up for success. Once you’re successful with that ONE thing, then – and only then – move onto the NEXT small habit shift and LAYER it on! Success breeds success. So set yourself up to ROCK!
  2. What is in it for you. This is that WHY I like to talk about – aka harp on. It’s easy to get stuck on the idea of achieving a goal and lose track of WHY it matters!? Especially in weight loss. Often times I hear clients talk about losing weight, and they are doing it because they “should.” But “should” comes from a place of shame/ guilt – NOT from a place of empowerment & growth. So really take a look and be curious about what is in it for you to achieve this goal. Ask yourself these questions to gain clarity:
  • How will my life improve by achieving this goal?
  • What will I be able to do that I can’t now?
  • What inspires me about achieving this goal?
  • How will achieving this goal make me FEEL? WHY?
  • What is in it for me?

This WHY piece is probably THE most important WHEN you “slip up” and make a choice that doesn’t move you closer to your goals. In that moment, practice self-compassion.  What would you say to your best friend? Or your child, if they “slipped up?” You would likely say, it’s OK! You’re HUMAN! Take a deep breath and start again. Remember WHY you started, reconnect to that greater PURPOSE & meaning. And keep going! Because all those REASONS? They’re worth it. YOU are worth it!

If you need support please don’t be shy. Sometimes having a champion in your corner can really make all the difference. Contact me at gillian@superyou.ca for details about how Accountability Coaching can help you reach your goals!