“People are like stained-glass windows. They sparkle and shine when the sun is out, but when the darkness sets in, their true beauty is revealed only if there is a light from within.” – Elisabeth Kübler-Ross
How do you ignite your light from within? So that no matter what is happening outside, your beauty in all its depth shines through? For me it’s about living my life with passion and purpose. Finding ways to help others. Contribution. Doing things daily that fill my bucket – small daily habits that soothe my soul and ground me. Yoga. Sweating. Inspired and nutritious foods. Mindful breath. Time with my family. Hugs. Heartfelt smiles. Coffee. Pause.
I recently read a blog that talked about how self-care isn’t about “bubble baths and chocolate,” but about living a life that you don’t feel like you need an escape from. #truthbomb
This quote is a reminder to me of how important that inner light, that inner spark is. And for me it’s lit by living my life in a way that I don’t feel like I need an escape. So that when darkness comes (because it always does – that’s life), my light can still sparkle and shine.
It’s easy to get distracted by all the “shiny things” on the outside – especially this time of year. It’s easy to use those “escapes” and call them “self-care” But living a life you don’t feel you need an escape from…oy. That’s profound stuff. And something that I figure will always be a work in progress. Don’t get me wrong – I’m pretty damn lucky. I’m living a life I’m incredibly grateful for. But I’m still a human, raising 2 kids. Who dislikes doing my books, laundry and the mundanity of life some days. It’s easy to be drawn to those “escapes.” But when I feel best, when I find that “flow” of life where things feel good & roll along with “ease” – that’s the magic. And when I look back and reflect on those times, they weren’t particularly magical. They were the simple moments. Where I was living in my truth. Contributing to others. And taking care of myself.
Life is full of commitments to others. I’m making a commitment to myself, right now – to make sure I’m taking time to foster my inner flame. To fill my bucket. And take care of me so that I might sparkle & shine from within.
I invite you to do the same.