I love all fish tacos – but for a super QUICK meal (like 10 minutes) the other night I swapped out my usual fish for SHRIMP and yum.

Brown Rice Wrap (or Whole Grain Wrap)

Frozen cooked shrimp (about 1 1/4C per person because they shrink when they cook)

1 lime – for juicing

1t avocado oil

1t chili powder

pink salt to taste

1/4 Red cabbage (I just love the color), chopped finely

1 red or yellow pepper, chopped finely

2 green onion, chopped finely

1T apple cider vinegar

1T avocado oil

pink salt & pepper to taste

To cook the shrimp I put the shrimp in my non-stick skillet with a lid and squeezed in 1/2 lime & 1t avocado oil, 1t chili powder and a pinch of pink salt. As it cooked I made the slaw (remaining ingredients) & warmed the tortillas.

I layered my slaw on top of a warmed brown rice tortilla (whole wheat or corn would also be delish) and topped with the shrimp.