Sitting at a desk all day is reality for many people – but it’s not what our bodies were designed for. As a result we can often deal with tight muscles & discomfort. To help yourself & your body manage I have a simple routine for you to incorporate into your daily work-life!

Moving as much as possible during your work day is going to be beneficial. I have many clients who’ve had success by using an activity tracker that reminds them to get their steps. But if you don’t have one even setting a simple timer for every 20 minutes can help. Each 20 minutes incorporate 1 stretch, movement or get up from your desk and run a work related errand. Pick up jobs at the copier or walk to speak to a colleague. The bottom line? Just don’t sit for 8 hours each day. Your body & your mind will thank you!

Here are the simple stretches I like to do at my desk when I have computer work:

  1. Seated Glute stretch
  2. Seated Hamstring Stretch
  3. Chest Opening
  4. Upper Back Stretch
  5. Neck stretches
  6. Jaw stretches

For a video showing the form for each of these exercises watch this. Hold your stretches for a minimum of 15s, but ideally 20-30+s to gain flexibility.

Want some other ideas? Shoulder rolls & neck rolls (forward only) can also be great to throw in during those 20-minute reminders.

Most important? Make it a simple habit you’re likely to stick with. Engage your work colleagues and make a game out of it. Remind each other to move more. Go for walking meetings.  Stand up and move a little when you’re on the phone. Get creative & have fun!

And make sure your workstation is set up with ergonomics (body mechanics) in mind. If you’re not sure here is a great resource.