In fact it’s an important one. Actually an essential one.  It’s kind of the unsung hero of health. And we don’t generally value it enough as a society. Sleep is when your body heals & repairs the damage you’ve done in the day. This is especially important when we are looking at fitness & performance. During exercise we break down our muscles. If you don’t get adequate sleep – your body cannot do it’s job to rebuild. According to most health experts, ideally we should be aiming for 7-8 hours per night.

I know that is tricky – especially for the momma’s & shift workers in this group. But just like in fitness – do your best!!

So – tips for better sleep:

  • be consistent (surprise, surprise). Go to bed and wake at the same (ish) times each night – including weekends
  • exercise daily (I promise I didn’t make this up!)
  • have a bed time ritual (yes…just like your kids) this cues the body to wind down & prepare for sleep
  • no screens within at LEAST 30 minutes before bed (because the screen/light stimulates all the WRONG areas of your brain for sleep)
  • create a cool, dark sleeping environment – be mindful of any light – even that from your clock! Cover it if needed
  • make sure your bed is comfy (seems obvious but if you’re not comfy you won’t sleep well!)
  • listen to your body with regards to caffeine. I can’t have caffeine after about 2pm if I want to sleep well. Be mindful of this and do what works for you

Want more info? Visit the Canadian Sleep Society website here for information on sleep disorders & sleep tips for every age.

Happy sleeping!

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