Dinner in a bowl. It’s honestly a favourite. Simple food. Beautiful colors. One dish to do. I’m in heaven. This was another bowl-hit at our house – the kids even asked for seconds!

1 pkg of firm tofu (350g)
3t sesame oil
2T bragg
1T siracha
Cooked quinoa
Sliced red peppers
Matchstick carrots
Cut green beans
Chopped red cabbage
1T miso paste
1T maple syrup
1T bragg
2T sesame oil
4T water
Sesame seeds to garnish

In a hot fry pan add sesame oil and cubed tofu, pour on 2T bragg & 1T siracha. Stir frequently so it doesn’t burn. You want the tofu to brown & get crispy.

As it cooks prep veggies.

In the blender place remaining ingredients. Blend.

Layer quinoa, veggies & tofu, the drizzle with 2-3T dressing and 1/2t sesame seeds.

I let my kids pick and choose their veggies.