Makes 12

2 flats of ground turkey
2 small zucchini puréed (I used my bullet)
1 yellow pepper (diced finely)
1/2C fresh salsa
2T chia seeds
Franks red hot sauce
1/2t Pink salt
1t garlic powder

Mix together & let sit while the fry pan or griddle warms up to med-high heat. Allows chia to “plump.” Spoon onto the griddle (about 3/4C of the mixture per patty) and flatten to form a pretty large patty (they shrink as they cook). Cook until no longer pink!

Serve with a whole grain bun with fixings of your choice, or just on their own topped with salsa! Would be delish with fresh guacamole or avocado slices too!

Make these early in the week and they travel beautifully for lunch too!