I LOVE salad rolls! They’re a great quick meal for lunch or dinner and you can completely customize them to what YOU love.

The actual wraps are cheap and super easy to use. You just soak them or if you’re like me hold them under water for 5-10s per wrap and then lay them flat while you prep the contents. By the time you’re ready to load (a few minutes), they are too! I usually use some combo of veggies, protein and then I use a miso sauce (see below for that recipe!).

Fave veggies: peppers, cucumbers, matchstick carrots, sprouts, pea shoots

Proteins: tofu, shrimp, chicken breast

Add ons: herbs like cilantro, parsely, basil & mint

Gillian’s Miso Gravy (I layer it right IN the wrap, but it could also be used for dipping if you weren’t going to eat them straight away):

  • 2t almond butter or natural PB
  • 1t light miso paste
  • 1t Bragg
  • 1t rice wine vinegar
  • 1/2t maple syrup
  • optional: water to thin if you’ll use it for dipping