I get it. The literal plethora of information out there about health, fitness and nutrition is absolutely dumbfounding (emphasis on the first half of that word). By pure volume alone it’s overwhelming…but the even greater challenge is that so much of it is conflicting and hard to understand. It’s no wonder we’re all floundering.

NEWSFLASH: 80% of Canadians struggle to be consistent with their health habits. #truth

So that feeling you get from the highlight reel of social media…that leads you to believe everyone else is ROCKING it with their sweaty selfies and gorgeous healthy food pics….it’s not accurate…Please here me when I say this: you are NOT the only “not getting it.”
<<<cue sigh of relief>>>
Here’s the thing…in this digital age it’s really hard to know what information to trust and to know what the “right” path is. So what I often see people do is this:

Analysis Paralysis (aka stuck spinning in research mode)


Decision by Democracy (aka doing what your bestie, sister or that chick on the internet tells you)

And the bummer? Is that neither option is likely to be give you the sustainable results you really want!
Analysis Paralysis is literally stopping you in your tracks – because without ACTION there is no change. And Decision by Democracy…well…the likelihood that doing EXACTLY what someone else is doing is unlikely going to work for you long term. Because it’s what works for them…and unless you have the same interests, priorities, commitments as them…well…it’s likely just not going to stick!


Cue: your own strategy.

What if this year you developed your OWN custom approach? Don’t worry, I’m not talking about a million dollar plan either. I’m talking simple, straightforward, basic health habits you feel really good about it.
Here’s what I know. You KNOW what healthy habits are – it’s about defining how they work in your REAL life. With your interests, your priorities, and your commitments.
What if you just started with ONE habit you know would help. Here are a few ideas:
  • eat veggies with lunch and dinner
  • drink a glass of water with each meal and snack
  • meditate for 1 minute every day
  • get 7 hours of sleep each night
  • move your awesome body for 20 minutes per day
If you even tackled ONE of those this year and ROCKED it…you know what I know? You’d be healthier for it.
So…skip the HERD. Follow YOUR path. ROCK it. #besuperyou
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