Do you ever find yourself trapped in “if this, then…” thinking? I was chatting with someone the other day about clothes shopping and she said she refused to buy new clothes until she committed to her fitness plan for 3-months without exception. Now I’m ALL for rewarding the behaviours you want to see in your life, but this felt a little more punitive. I (gently) questioned, why not buy something now that makes you feel great NOW? She brushed it off and the conversation moved on, but it got me thinking…
This isn’t the first time I’ve heard this argument – in fact, I hear it a lot! I recall I also fell into that very tempting trap. The idea that somehow we need to earn it? That for some reason we don’t deserve the “new clothes” until we reach our goal?
I think that’s BS. Here’s why.
How you feel TODAY impacts the choices you make, TODAY. If you’re uncomfortable in too tight clothes or too comfortable in clothes you are swimming in – that impacts how you move through the world and the choices you make. If you don’t feel fabulous and gorgeous in your clothing, that impacts your confidence & radiance. I want you to sparkle & shine as you go about your day. I want you to glow and feel incredible. And if a new (or new to you) outfit can help with that (whether you’ve achieved your “goal” or not), I say do it!
Don’t wait for THEN. What if…NOW.
PS. this is not license to go on a shopping spree (unless you want to) or “buy into” being overtly focused on the aesthetic (hopefully you know by now that the “look” isn’t my game). Instead this is a gentle reminder to choose clothing that makes you feel fabYOUlous inside & out!